Size guide


To order a garment of the correct size, compare the measurements of each product with yours. Take measurements using a tailor's tape measure. It is also advisable to wear only very lightweight garments when taking measurements. Consider that our measurements can have a 1-2 cm swing.

  • 1


    Place the tape measure on your back and measure the distance between the two outermost points of the shoulders. The back should be kept straight and the shoulders well open.

  • 2


    Make the tape measure slide along the most prominent part of the chest, at the height of the shoulder blades, then lower your arms and stretch them out along the sides of your body.

  • 3


    Place your hand on your hip and bend your arm to form a 90° angle. Measure from the centre of the nape of the neck, along the shoulder and arm, up to the wrist.

  • 4


    Measure the natural waistline, just above the navel, without pulling the tape too tight.

  • 5

    Internal leg lenght

    Place the tape measure at the groin and slide it on the inside of the leg until you reach the desired point, which will depend on the length of the trousers.

  • 6


    Measure the circumference of your hips at the tips of them.

SizeChestSleeveLength BodyShoulder
S98 cm65 cm64 cm38 cm
M102 cm66 cm68 cm40 cm
L106 cm67 cm72 cm42 cm
XL110 cm68 cm76 cm44 cm
XXL114 cm69 cm80 cm46 cm
SizeChestLength BodyShoulder
S96 cm64 cm37 cm
M100 cm68 cm39 cm
L104 cm72 cm41 cm
XL108 cm76 cm43 cm
XXL112 cm80 cm45 cm
SizeChestSleeveLength BodyShoulder
S98 cm65 cm66 cm38 cm
M102 cm66 cm70 cm40 cm
L106 cm67 cm74 cm42 cm
XL110 cm68 cm78 cm44 cm
XXL114 cm69 cm82 cm46 cm
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