Fidelity Program

Fidelity Program


Fidelity Program

The Fidelity card that rewards you for your purchases!

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By joining our fidelity program you can convert your orders into points that will allow progressively higer savings, the more you spend. It is extremely simple to use and you can begin collecting points online and from purchases made in our Shops.

If you are already a member of our fidelity program, you can log in or register your fidelity code to your personal account.

  • How to earn points
  • €1 = 1 Point (for all products not included in special promotions)
  • Advantages
  • Once you have acccumulated the points indicated below, you can take advantage of discounts and continue to accumulate points to reach the next level of savings
  • Other advantages
  • Completely free of charge
  • 10% discount during the month of your birthday
points (250€)
discount off
points (500€)
discount off
points (1200€)
discount off

Fill out the form to request the fidelity card and discover the benefits and discounts on the Doppelganger collection!

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